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Recent Projects

Highlights from recent projects below - helping Clients build business value for their Clients through customer relationship management and sales operations systems, customer service management systems, and general business and IT transformation.

Market: Low Voltage

Critical Path: Service Business Planning / Process Optimization

Field Service Business Startup with CRM and Ticketing Systems

Work & Office Illustration 10.png


  • Multiple ticket systems in play across customers due to organic growth; need for single interface

  • Lack of ticket workflows, automation, SLA, tracking for internal help desk  and client queues

  • Need for documented service and maintenance product offerings, priced and packaged for sale to normalize client facing offers

  • Tracking and reporting of internal programs and client facing IT projects


  • Service business goals and program/product definition documented with 120 Day plan

  • Instituted Disciplined Agile processes for internal program tracking for 4 departments (IT, Marketing, Safety, Client Services) using Zoho Sprints

  • Combine ticketing into Zoho Desk with automated communications to clients and SLA enforcement for key accounts

  • Redesign of Company web site and move to Wix platform feeding Zoho One components (CRM, Desk, Etc)

  • An anti-agency approach that redesigned website while training staff to support themselves, eliminating agency fees.

  • Unified efforts across multiple departments through aligned Sprints and Agile Methodologies
  • Automated data feeds into existing systems and showed value of multiple in-place systems to avoid costly rip-and-replace projects.

Unexpected Value:

Market: Real Estate

Critical Path: Redesign and IDX integration

Web Presence with IDX | MLS Integration



  • Lack of support from current web solution provider

  • Supplier risk due to custom content and proprietary platform

  • Inability to 'launch' new site functionality with custom plug-in

  • Need to differentiate from similar sites online 

  • Missing SEM strategy 


  • Evaluation and recommendation of new web platform

  • Web re-design on Wordpress

  • Integration of IDX for MLS real estate listings

  • Creative rework to update and align video and print advertising 

  • An anti-agency approach that transferred creative ownership and site access while still supporting monitoring and maintenance of the finalized site

  • Significantly lowered cost of ownership
  • Updated and configured IDX integration revealed incorrect legal messaging in old system and lowered risk

Unexpected Value:


Web Presence, Brand/Logo, and Store Integration

Market: Manufacturing

Critical Path: Configurator Forms and Store

Client's Challenges:

  • Need to switch from Regional brand to new US National brand including new creative/logo work

  • Requirement for complex configurator style forms for custom manufacturing custom parts to be expressed simply, online

  • Automated communications and workflows associated with options and form elements

  • Desire for self-service abilities vs. agency dependence

Our Solutions:

  • Conceptualized new logo/brand style/elements

  • Moved Client to Wix platform for self service ease

  • Implementation of Wix Ascend custom workflows for automated communication to clients based on event triggers

  • Formatted configuration forms to feed database and allow for easy storage of customer config data

  • SEO setup and reporting

Client's Unexpected Value:

  • Simplified web store for product sales via Wix

  • Customized communication campaigns based on site actions via Ascend tools

  • Lower cost of platform for web presence and ability to self-service requests and communications via a single platform (Wix)

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